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ZCG Scalar GID480-QF



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ZCG Scalar GID480-QF

The GID480-QF “Quick Fit”...


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The GID480-QF “Quick Fit” ground independent elevated feed UHF CB radio mobile antenna features a UHF male connector inside the base which fits onto a right-angle UHF female base. This unique design makes installation so simple with the additional benefit of being able to easily remove the antenna in any situation where you are concerned about damage, vandalism or theft.


Factory tuned for 477 MHz, the black powder coated stainless steel whip with phasing coil delivers good 6.6 dBi gain.

Suitable for all UHF CB radios, this light weight design is a reasonable size at just 82 cm tall. No metal ground plane is necessary for effective performance.


The right angle UHF female mounting base fits into anybracket with 17 mm minimum diameter hole making the “Quick Fit” antenna perfect for mounting in various positions on a vehicle or to a truck mirror.

The high quality brass, delrin and stainless steel components also make this model ideal for use in harsh marine and industrial environments.

Since mounting arrangements differ, various mounting accessories for the “Quick Fit” antenna top are available to select and order separately according to your requirements.

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ZCG Scalar GID480-QF